Foundation Update

Ströck and Coffee Lovers Unite to Make a Statement Against ME/CFS

Ströck and Coffee Enthusiasts Collaborate for ME/CFS Awareness

In a noteworthy initiative this International Women's Day, the Vienna-based Ströck Bakery, renowned for its tradition and quality, partnered with coffee lovers to make a significant impact. Their collective efforts resulted in a record coffee sales figure of €61,308.29, an achievement that goes beyond business success to support a meaningful cause.

This entire amount from the day's coffee sales has been pledged to the WE&ME Foundation, dedicated to the research and support of individuals affected by ME/CFS, a chronic multisystem disease. This condition currently impacts around 100,000 people in Austria, predominantly affecting women.

The involvement of Ströck Bakery in highlighting important social issues is not new, with International Women's Day being a particular focus over the years. This year, the bakery and its customers directed their efforts towards supporting ME/CFS, demonstrating the community's capacity to unite for a common goal. The record sales figure is a testament to the community's generosity and the shared commitment to making a difference.

Gabriele Ströck, the Managing Director of Ströck, conveyed gratitude to all participants: "On behalf of Ströck and those affected by ME/CFS, we thank everyone who contributed to this achievement. This initiative not only set a new record for coffee sales but also ensures that the proceeds are fully utilized for ME/CFS research through the WE&ME Foundation. It's a significant step towards better understanding and treating this condition."

This collaboration between Ströck, its customers, and the WE&ME Foundation highlights the impact of collective action in supporting health research and awareness. It underscores the bakery's commitment to community engagement and the positive change that can emerge from it.