The gut virome in ME/CFS

March 19, 2024

The gut virome in ME/CFS

Professor Maureen Hanson at Cornell University will collaborate with her Cornell colleagues Iwjin De Vlaminck and Ben Cosgrove to examine tissue and blood for evidence of chronic and/or reactivated viral infections.  Her studies will exploit the biobank (linked here) created through the efforts of Dr. Max Augustin and Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Zoufaly, involves collaboration with neurologist Dr. Michael Stingl and the 4th Medical Department of the Klinik Favoriten (headed by Univ.-Doz. Christoph Wenisch) as well as the Sigmund Freud Private University.

This study is funded by the WE&ME Foundation.

(photo left to right  De Vlaminck, Cosgrove, Hanson)