Women running for ME/CFS

Step by Step Together Against ME/CFS

Last Sunday, Ströck participated in the 36th Asics Austrian Women's Run in support of the WE&ME Foundation.

On Sunday, May 26, 2024, Ströck's team ran in the 36th Asics Austrian Women's Run to raise awareness and funds for ME/CFS research, education, and treatment. Over 40 dedicated employees, led by #teamströck athlete Julia Mayer, donned specially designed shirts to bring attention to this vital cause.

We are grateful to Ströck for their generosity, as they donated all proceeds from their on-site sales (€22,000) to the WE&ME Foundation. Additionally, the entry donations from the Women's Run participants contributed another €2,300.

Thank you to everyone that supported us and help us raise more awareness for ME/CFS.